NakedEye: Rapid Test Card Reader

The NakedEye is an instrument designed for simplifying the reporting operation for rapid tests.

It is composed of a professional, yet small camera and a web-based software. The base version of the software is free, requiring only a registration. Once registered, the operator can enter the private area of the site, define its own reporting templates, by listing the parameters of interest, and start working. The software will take pictures of rapid tests cartridges and provide the operator with a pre-compiled form to fill in and send to printer.

NakedEye doesn’t provide test interpretations: this is left to human operators. Its purpose is to provide a legal evidence of a proper test(s) interpretation, through a complete report featuring one or more pictures and relevant information.

Therefore NakedEye is quite different from competitor products:

  • It doesn’t require proprietary test cartridges but works with any third-party test;
  • It can report tests based on different geometries, such as cups with lateral reading;
  • It’s very low-cost, ranging from free to 1/10 of the price of most competitors;
  • Can easily fit in the same bag as your laptop pc, so that if you have to go to a customer site, you can bring the NakedEye very comfortably, together with the laptop, with no noticeable increase of weight. Software reports will be available for printing when back to office;
  • Being software provided as an internet site, it can be used with almost any OS that features a browser: Windows, Linux or Mac with your browser of choice. If you have any doubt about compatibility, you can still test it for free.

You will find the NakedEye and further information at